Purpose: To supplement and expand the work of local social service agencies, both non-profit and governmental, in an effort to help people with economic (non-disaster) emergencies.
History: Created under the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act on July 24, 1987.
Specifics: Calls for “sensitivity in the transition from temporary shelter to permanent homes and attention to the specialized needs of homeless individuals with mental and physical disabilities and illness to facilitate access for homeless individuals to other sources of services and benefits.

How to Apply:

Applications for agencies providing emergency food and shelter funds are available at the Rowan County United Way office. The local Emergency Food and Shelter Board determines how the funds are awarded to our community through the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act are to be distributed. Under the terms of the grant, programs operated by local, non-for-profit service organizations, including local government and private voluntary organizations, are eligible under the following conditions:

Be a not-for-profit or agency of government
Have an accounting system or approved fiscal agent
Have a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)or be in the process of securing one
Conduct an independent annual audit
Practice non-discrimination
For private, non-profit organizations, have a voluntary board
To the extent practical, involve homeless individuals and families through employment, volunteer programs, etc., in providing emergency food and shelter services.

Qualifying organizations are encouraged to apply. New applicants must provide their most recent audit. For more information, call the United Way at 704-633-1802.



What Is the MatchMaker Program?

MatchMaker is a program which provides local companies an opportunity to recycle surplus equipment and other items to participating not-for-profit agencies

Why Is the Program Important?

In-Kind gifts allow not-for-profit organizations to better serve their clients by supplementing an already tight budget. For the company, in-kind giving helps to reduce inventory, lower warehousing costs, and is an effective way to recycle quality products.

Who Benefits?

Contributions are offered to participating not-for-profit organizations on a need basis. If a donated item is needed by more than one organization, United Way will match on a first response basis.

How Does the Program Operate?

A company representative contacts the United Way office and gives details of item(s) to be donated. United Way identifies the agency which has the need for the item. Once the match has been made, the agency director contacts the company to make arrangements to receive the donation.

When Is the Program Available?

The program is available all year!

Agency Needs List

A/V equipment
Building/construction supplies
Copiers/fax machines/printers
Landscaping supplies
Office furniture and supplies
Paper goods
Recreational equipment
Surplus food

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